Fast Access to AMP URLs with the AMP URL API


Planning to catch some of the excellent AMP sessions at I/O this week? Want to improve your native or web app with lightning fast AMP content? We have exciting news!

Mobile websites and apps can benefit from AMP not only by publishing AMP documents, but also by linking to AMP documents. Slow content, whether you created it or not, negatively impacts your users: 40% of users abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load (source).

We’re announcing the general availability of the AMP URL API. In simplest terms, the API works like this: “here are some non-AMP URLs, give me the matching AMP URLs!”. AMP documents load 4x faster and use 10x less data, which means your users will benefit from fast-loading AMP documents whether or not they were created by you.

The AMP URL API retrieves the matching AMP URLs for a given list of URLs (which do not need to be the canonical versions). If a valid AMP version exists, the response of the API includes the URL for the cached copy of the document in the Google AMP Cache (as well as the URL for the source AMP document). Documents in the Google AMP Cache are validated before being cached so you can link with confidence, and benefit from the speed and scale of Google’s global caching infrastructure.

To access the AMP URL API click here.

Posted by James Morehead, Product Manager, Google