Web Story Forms unlock more ways to engage your audience


It’s no surprise that Creators want to own the relationship with their fans. Everyone from influencers to your favorite bloggers are creating newsletters to help grow their brands by creating more meaningful connections with their audience. To further empower creators, we have expanded the Web Stories page attachment functionality to support forms, so readers can […] Read more

Introducing Bento

Bento, Websites
Unboxing the Bento component library

One of the top requests we have heard from the AMP community is the ability to use AMP’s highly performant components in non-AMP pages. Today we’re excited to fully launch our first round of Bento components. Bento components are highly performant components with great user experience baked into them! Read more

Web Stories call to action buttons get an upgrade


Web Stories are an excellent way to reach a new audience and direct them back to your own website. It has become popular for creators and publishers to utilize CTAs as a bridge between a Web Story and their website. To further enhance the reader experience we have upgraded CTAs with more features for customization […] Read more

Easy TikTok embedding with the new amp-tiktok


tl;dr You can now use <amp-tiktok>  to directly embed TikTok content into your documents. TikTok is one of the most popular social media sites with over 2 billion mobile downloads worldwide as of October 2020. As such, we are excited to share that you can now easily embed TikTok content into your valid AMP Documents […] Read more

Richer interactions in Web Stories


As Web Stories continue to be adopted by a diverse set of creators and publishers, it is important to expand the ways in which they can engage and excite readers. Based on feedback from creators and users, we have developed an initial set of richer interactions in Web Stories: interactive quizzes and polls, image transitions […] Read more

Better video performance in Web Stories


Web performance is critical for a great user experience. We continue to see Story creators utilizing video-first narratives to keep their viewers engaged and coming back for more. However, the distribution cost of serving videos, and the complexity of serving video quickly to users globally, can be high. To help address these challenges: Web Stories […] Read more

Preview your Web Stories across all devices


Do you spend hours crafting the design of your Web Story only to find that it does not quite display right on older devices or on the biggest phones?  It can be tricky to develop content in a portrait-based aspect ratio and make it look great across devices. So to make testing easier, today the […] Read more

An update on how AMP is served at the OpenJS Foundation

Developer Experience

Editor’s Note: the following blog post was originally published to the OpenJS Foundation Blog When the AMP project moved to the OpenJS Foundation in 2019, our technical governance leaders shared a plan to separate the AMP runtime from the Google AMP Cache, and host the AMP runtime infrastructure at the vendor-neutral OpenJS Foundation. OpenJS is […] Read more

Deprecation of Internet Explorer Support


Microsoft has announced June 15, 2022 as the final date for Internet Explorer support. Corresponding with this decision, the AMP Project opened an intent to deprecate thread to discuss deprecating support for Internet Explorer. This thread was presented at a design review and has received the required approvals from the AMP Approvals Working Group. Based […] Read more

Debug AMP performance from Search Console


tl;dr Starting today Search Console will direct developers debugging AMP page experience issues to the AMP Page Experience Guide! As the page experience signals roll out, AMP Project contributors around the world are dedicated to ensuring site owners are getting the best shot toward a performant experience when creating AMP pages. However, like many other […] Read more