AMPlifying Google Play Newsstand


Google Play Newsstand is focused on providing a high-value and easy-to-use platform for thousands of news and magazine publishers to reach new audiences in a world where the smartphone is the main computing device for more and more people.

One of the reasons for the success of the product has been the ability to help publishers distribute content across a variety of mobile devices by supporting multiple content formats.  Well now we are building on that effort by adding AMP support to Google Play Newsstand on both Android and iOS.  

This means publishers who have created AMP pages can have them set as their preferred rendering format using Google Play Newsstand Producer, the publisher management portal. And one of the great benefits is that AMP rendering gives publishers more visual control of their content while preserving the fast, mobile-optimized experience users have come to expect in Play Newsstand.

One the left side of each pair is an article on Play Newsstand using feed-based rendering and on the right side is an article on Play Newsstand using AMP rendering.

When a publisher opts into using AMP in Play Newsstand, Play Newsstand will render the articles everywhere they appear as an AMP (if an AMP version is available), whether it is the user’s personalized news stream, a news or interest based topic, or the publisher’s edition.

“Play Newsstand is a great platform for Mirror Online, allowing us to reach a broad and incremental mobile audience. The launch of AMP inside Newsstand brings together that great distribution with the ability to deliver our rich and curated pages within the app, with our full set of monetisation tools”

— Rob Hammond, Head of SEO & Distributed Platforms, Mirror Online

“As one of AMP’s launch partners, we’re pleased to see the continued roll-out of AMP in apps such as Google Play Newsstand. We believe the new design and technology will enhance user experience and we will be closely listening to reader feedback.”

— Anthony Sullivan, Director of Product, Guardian News & Media

AMP support in Play Newsstand is currently available for free content, and we are exploring extending it for paid content in the future. If you would like to enable AMP for your edition get in touch with us at  We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Posted by Sami Shalabi, Head of Product and Engineering, Google Play Newsstand