AMP Roadmap Update for End-Q4 2016


With the arrival of 2017, it’s time to review some launches from Q4 and projects started over the past few months that will continue into the new year. We’ve updated the AMP Roadmap to provide a more detailed reflection of what’s summarized below.

Launches in Q4

This quarter we’ve seen AMP format capabilities enhanced with support for forms with <amp-form>, app-install promotions with <amp-app-banner>, and muted autoplay for amp-video and amp-youtube. In addition, we’ve launched enhancements to AMP-in-PWA support, including progressive enhancement of AMP documents by Progressive Web App (PWA), and a reference implementation using AMP within a PWA.

Ads have gained support for multi-size ad requests, “flying carpet” ads, and improved user experience for amp-sticky-ad. Meanwhile, AMP for Ads (A4A) continues to ramp up ad delivery of AMP format creatives by supported ad servers like DoubleClick, TripleLift and Adsense.

Analytics support also expanded based on community feedback. Triggers are now available for use with the amp-carousel and amp-form features.

Work in progress

Going into the new year, we still have work ahead on many of the projects started in Q4 or earlier, so we’ll continue to focus on those in the months ahead.

We are currently working on a mechanism to bind element behavior to user actions, which will enable further types of interactive experiences on AMP pages. We also want to provide a collection of quick-start sample code (“AMP Start”) to make it easier for developers to create great-looking AMP pages.

Additionally, we’re working on enabling a richer e-commerce experience, including support for product galleries and tabbed content navigation, as well as better e-commerce analytics.

Continuing on the analytics side, we also want to build native amp-analytics support for user interactions with video players as well as more fine-grained features for analytics like support for variable filters.

Also on the horizon are improved UX for ad loading and continued investment in A4A, increasing the number of supported ad networks and contexts, so even non-AMP pages can display AMP ads.

* * *

Thanks to the AMP development community for your work and feedback. As always, please let us know if you have any issues or feature requests.

Posted by Eric Lindley, Product Manager, AMP Project