Introducing the AMP Roadshow: Bringing the AMP team to you


TL;DR: The AMP team is traveling around the world to bring the AMP Roadshow, a free one-day developer conference, to you. Register for a city near you.

We’ve been hard at work these last few months at improving AMP’s web components and making AMP work for even more use-cases like e-commerce, and we’ve launched numerous components and features that make it possible to build quite interactive experiences with AMP. In fact, we think the time has come to give AMP a try as a general library to build content and landing pages for the web.

To share the latest and greatest and connect with web developers worldwide, we, the AMP team, are going on the road. The AMP Roadshow, as we call it, is a free, one-day developer conference with a packed agenda to get you up to speed and ready to start building with AMP if you haven’t already.

Where is the AMP Roadshow headed?

We’ve just come back from our first roadshow in Toronto, and we’re making stops in 9 more cities until the end of the year! Registration links are already up for:

In addition to these, we’re visiting Paris in November, and Taipei in December. The registration links for these are coming shortly – the best way to be notified is by following us on Twitter.

Why should I attend?

Come because you care about creating a great user experience, and are curious about how AMP can help.

At the roadshow, we’ll focus deeply on using AMP to build beautiful, interactive and responsive sites. Yes, sites, not pages! We’ll tackle forms, sidebars, complex animations, monetization, and all the other bits required to build a full web experience.

We also want to use this opportunity to learn from you, and hear what your challenges are. We’re very excited to collaborate with every one of you, and maybe convince some of you to become contributors to the AMP open source project in the future.

I really hope you can join us. It’ll be fun! And if your city is not on the list, worry not – we’re planning on adding more cities in the near future.

Hopefully see you soon!