Making it easier for the global AMP community to participate in design reviews


The AMP Project community is global–with over 400 developers from around the world contributing to AMP–yet the design reviews have thus far been held at a time that was generally convenient only for people in the Americas.  We’ve heard the feedback from members of the global AMP community and we are happy to announce that the weekly AMP design reviews will now rotate between times that are more convenient for different regions of the world (Americas, Africa/Europe/western Asia and the rest of Asia/Oceania).


Each GitHub issue that tracks a design review indicates the time of the design review and which region’s population will likely find it convenient.  Upcoming design reviews with the times for a few example cities are:

  • January 31 at 16:30 UTC (17:30 Berlin & Lagos, 18:30 Tel Aviv)
  • February 7 at 21:00 UTC (13:00 Seattle, 15:00 Mexico City, 18:00 São Paulo)
  • February 22 at 01:00 UTC (09:00 Beijing, 10:00 Tokyo, 12:00 Sydney)

All members of the AMP Project community are encouraged to participate in the weekly design reviews.  If you are facing a design challenge in a contribution you are making to AMP please also consider bringing it to a design review.

We hope that these new times will make it possible for more people to participate in this important part of the AMP Project’s engineering culture.   


Posted by Joey Rozier, Engineer on the AMP Project