AMP Roadshow++: More cities, more content


We started the AMP Roadshow in the first half of 2017 to educate and meet developers around the world in a free one-day hands-on conference and workshop. To date, we’ve met over 2,000 of you in 13 cities, but we’re far from done: We’re planning to go to over 20 additional cities in 2018 and beyond.

We’ll add more destinations through the year, but you can already sign up for the following events:

We’ve added AMP Stories, AMP for Email and more to the agenda to give you an up-to-date kickstart into AMP website development. And speaking for the entire AMP team, we can’t wait to meet you all in person.

AMP team members excited about the AMP Roadshow Singapore

See you soon!

Posted by Paul Bakaus