Announcing the AMP Contributor Summit


We are happy to share that the first AMP Contributor Summit for developers in AMP’s open source community will be held in San Francisco, California this September!

The summit will take place from September 25-26, with an optional New Contributor Day on September 24th that’s especially for people new to contributing to AMP.  If you are a developer who contributes to AMP–or a developer who wants to start contributing–please apply to attend!

The AMP Contributor Summit will bring the AMP open source community together in one place for the first time.  The summit will provide an opportunity for the community to:

  • Meet each other in person.
  • Share the latest knowledge about developing in AMP–from relevant web technologies that are important for AMP contributors to know to how-tos on AMP architecture.
  • Enjoy deeply technical talks about the internals of AMP and how they could change in the future.
  • Review what we’ve accomplished in AMP so far and discuss what AMP’s priorities should be going into the future.

The main summit takes place on September 25th & 26th.  These days will feature talks, breakout sessions, hacking–and plenty of breaks and opportunities to meet other developers in the community.

On September 24 we’ll have an optional New Contributor Day to get new contributors up to speed on contributing to AMP before the main summit starts.  This day of talks and codelabs is meant for people who want to contribute to AMP but who haven’t yet started.

The talks at the summit will be given by people in the community.  If you have an idea for a talk you would like to give at the summit please submit a proposal for a talk by July 31, 2018.  Please note, that this is a technical summit and don’t worry that your talk might not be polished enough. We’re excited to hear from everyone!

See the AMP Contributor event page for more information and to apply to attend.  We hope to see you in September!

Posted by Joey Rozier, AMP Engineering Manager at Google