The Action Network goes “All In” on AMP


Editor’s Note: This post is a summary of an article from The Action Network by André Bandarra, Developer Advocate at Google.

I’ve been working for a few months with The Action Network, a publisher focused on covering legalized sports betting in the U.S., to help them implement and serve AMP pages across their site.

The new experience was rolled out throughout August and it is not only fast, improving the time to first-paint by 66% and the time to fully load the article by 64%, but also rich and responsive, with the new pages being served to users both mobile and desktop.

I used the Chrome User Experience Report to verify the impact of this change for users and, even though the released happened during August, it’s already possible to see that the number of users having an experience considered fast (First Contentful Paint below 1.5s) on their phones jumped from 35% to 61%, with further improvement expected on next month’s report.


CrUX report for – First Contentful Paint / Phone


The Action Network recently published an article highlighting both the user experience and developer benefits of using AMP, such as a robust component library that enables best practices such as lazy-loading blocking resources and the availability of tools such as the AMP Project website, AMP By Example, and the Search Console reporting tool.

Read the full article on The Action Network.

Posted by André Bandarra, Developer Advocate at Google