Stripo + AMP Dynamic Email Boost Customer Engagement


Editor’s Note: The following guest post was written by Dmitry Kudrenko, CEO, Stripo

Stripo offers businesses 350+ email marketing templates and a suite of email marketing design, editing, and management tools—for beginners and advanced users alike. We support many types of organizations and industries, from small businesses to large, multinational corporations, in 8 languages and 80 different countries. 

Companies come to us not only for tools to make their email marketing fast and easy, but also for innovative ways to stand out in their customers’ inboxes. For years, we’d been hearing things like “AMP for email is cool,” “AMP for email is great,” and “AMP for email improves the effectiveness of our email campaigns.” Given that we’re nerds who like to test things and analyze the results, we decided to check out AMP for email for ourselves. 

Testing Conversion Rates

Before offering AMP for email to our customers, we wanted to find out if it had a positive impact on conversions. So we created an email campaign asking our users to share their opinion with us about our tool. Recipients whose email clients didn’t support AMP had the option of leaving a comment in Google Forms. Recipients whose email clients did support AMP could comment directly in our email without ever leaving their inbox.

The Results: Of the 12K recipients who saw the HTML version and had to go to an external form to leave their feedback, only 18 left a comment. Of the 10K users who saw the AMP HTML version, 79 left a comment right in our email. 

The conversion rate of the HTML email was 0.15 percent, while the AMP HTML email conversion rate was 0.79 percent. The numbers speak for themselves: The AMP form was 5.2 times more effective than the traditional questionnaire.Our conclusion: AMP for email really does increase conversions, and straight from the inbox, too!

Introducing AMP For Email To Customers

Given the great results we had with our own test, we launched AMP for email tools for our customers in April 2019. We now offer a number of email templates that customers can customize with drag-and-drop AMP blocks to easily build innovative, dynamic AMP emails for powerful campaigns. 

We’ve been educating our customers on how to build AMP emails with Stripo. Currently only some email service providers (ESPs) are capable of sending AMP emails, and these ESPs will only send AMP emails if they also have a mandatory “fallback email”—a traditional HTML email that will display content differently if the user cannot view the AMP email interactive elements. So, for now, our customers need to combine both versions (an AMP email and a fallback HTML email) in one email campaign. 

To make things easy on our customers, we offer controls to help them craft a fallback HTML email within their AMP email with just a few clicks. We walk them through the steps including “Include in AMP,” “Include in HTML,” and “Include everywhere” controls. When their email is ready, our code validator checks it for errors. We’ve also educated customers on how to test their AMP emails, execute their AMP email campaigns, and then analyze the results to learn what works best for their audiences.

Do we want to empower customers to build dynamic emails on their own, without coding skills? Oh yeah, we do! That’s why AMP for email is so great. The most popular AMP for email components among our customers are:

  • Image carousel: Adds a number of banners in one email instead of just one.
Example of the image carousel functionality
  • Accordion: Hides product descriptions to make emails shorter.
  • Lists: Lets users pull in real-time content. Works great in welcome emails!
  • Selector: Makes it easy for users to select item colors, sizes, features, booking dates, etc., directly in emails. Users fill out their request (and can even set dates for booking hotels and flights) in the AMP email and then proceed to the merchant’s website to check out.
Example of the selector functionality

Final Thoughts

We will soon be releasing our new AMP blocks—forms and lists—to let users implement these effective AMP components with little to no coding skills.

What the AMP team has done to make email campaigns more exciting and effective is, in our opinion, just great! They once again give us an opportunity to stand out in users’ inboxes—and to create and deliver more effective campaigns. But email template builders and email service providers alike need to help the AMP team spread the news about AMP for email, so it can become more widespread and universally supported by ESPs.

For more on how Stripo and AMP for email can help your business, visit Stripo Email. The Stripo team is happy to assist email marketers and designers in building emails powered by AMP.