Make sure your Signed Exchanges serving is up and healthy

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Have you already set up an amppackager server to serve your AMP pages packaged as Signed Exchanges? If so, that’s great! This means the browser displays your domain when landed from a Google Search. Any service that runs in production can run into issues, and amppackager is no exception. Below are a few examples of […] Read more

Introducing Cloudflare AMP Real URL

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The following post was written by Zack Bloom, Director of Product and John Graham-Cumming, CTO at Cloudflare Join us for a free webinar this week where we will cover how Cloudflare is helping its customers drive better results with AMP, and increasing conversions. The promise of the AMP project was that it would make the […] Read more

Signed-Exchange: Solving the AMP URLs Display Problem

Signed Exchanges

Editor’s note: the below was originally posted on Medium by Sarang Khanna, Software Engineer, OYO For an AMP Page at URL, your SEO users are probably seeing this — At OYO, we solved the much dreaded AMP-Cache URL display problem for good, without losing any AMP benefits! As a fast and responsive web pattern, AMP has taken over […] Read more