AMPlifying Google News – AMP in Six More Google News Editions


In April, Google News added support for Accelerated Mobile Pages to the US English Edition on the web, on Android and on iOS.  AMP enables a fast reading experience on Google News, making it easy for people to get to the latest news quickly and to read more in the limited time they have. This has also been great for publishers, leading to more visits to their websites. With an increasing number of publishers around the world embracing AMP and a growing AMP corpus in international languages, the Google News team is now able to extend AMP support to more countries. Today Google News is announcing AMP in six editions – France, Germany, Italy, UK, Russia, and Mexico. People in these countries can now also enjoy a truly fast News reading experience.  

The Google News team is keen to bring the instant-reading AMP experience to even more countries and looks forward to publishers around the globe helping us get there by AMPlifyng their content.

Posted by Anand Paka, Product Manager, Google News