Live-updating AMPs — launched


At the end of July we announced the beta launch of <amp-live-list>, a component that updates page content dynamically without additional navigation or reload. For the core use-case of live blogs, this helps publishers connect readers to breaking news as it unfolds.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve graduated <amp-live-list> out of beta. Developers can use the component in production pages, and readers can enjoy live-updating content like live blogs in AMP. For instance, The Guardian is already using <amp-live-list> to publish their liveblogs.

“Live updates are a valued feature of our regular liveblogs, so it’s great to have such an easy route to supporting them in AMP.”

— Simon Adcock, Front-end Developer, Guardian News & Media

And this is just the beginning. We want to enhance <amp-live-list> with some of the feature requests we’ve gotten from developers, like the option to trigger updates without user interaction or display the number of available updates. So, as always, check out the documentation in GitHub and at AMP by example, and give us feedback on what you’d like to see next!

Posted by Eric Lindley, Product Manager