AMP Roadmap Update for End-Q3 2016


We’ve updated the AMP Roadmap to give you a clear idea of where AMP’s larger projects stand today. Below is a summary across the focus areas:


The past quarter has ushered in support for several new use cases in AMP. Now you can publish live-updating live blogs with <amp-live-list>. We’ve also improved the user experience for ads, video, and other embeds in <amp-carousel>, with an update to enable swiping over iframes. In addition, soon you’ll be able to collect newsletter signups, enable basic site searches, and support other core forms use cases with the amp-form extension (which you can try out today experimentally).

Our focus over the next few months will include enhancements to the seamless transition from AMP documents to native apps, with the ability to promote app installations using <amp-app-banner>, and a component for better deep-linking. We’ve also added experimental support for image grouping in <amp-lightbox>, to enable more immersive experiences at the page and carousel level, and will continue to refine that toward an expected Q4 launch.

In addition, we continue to work on better, more immersive video experiences on AMP pages and platforms, as well as growing the AMP format for e-commerce experiences. This includes further enhancements to form support, component support for product galleries, and tabbed content navigation.


In August, <amp-experiment> launched to enable running A/B-style content experiments on AMP pages. The past quarter also saw some improvements to <amp-analytics>: the ability to have a “hidden” trigger and support for element-level data variables.

Heading into Q4, supporting video and e-commerce analytics will remain focal points.


Recently we added support for a major publisher ask to improve ad monetization, multi-size ad requests. The A4A(AMP for Ads) team finalized the A4A format spec to allow publishers and advertisers to create innovative, performant AMP format ad creatives.

Heading into Q4, we are focused on ramping up delivery of AMP format creatives by supported ad servers. We are also working to ensure that A4A creatives are supported and performant outside of AMP pages. Last, we are working on some UX improvements for all ads in AMP, which includes features like consistent ad labeling and default placeholders and fallbacks.


We continue to work on server-side access and sign-in support, and to seek input on these features. We hope to launch alpha versions of both in Q4.

* * *

Thanks to readers for your time, and to the AMP development community for your work taking AMP even further. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback.

Posted by Eric Lindley, Product Manager, AMP Project