Multi-size ad request support in AMP


The AMP project has always always strived to help publishers monetize the content they publish to AMP pages as effectively as possible. That means helping publishers capture the most advertiser demand possible for each ad slot on their pages.

One way we’re enabling publishers to do this is by allowing ad slots on AMP pages to serve multiple ad unit sizes, while maintaining AMP’s promise of a stable layout that doesn’t “jump around” in front of the user. With more ad units eligible to serve in a single ad slot, more advertisers can compete in programmatic auctions and drive up the revenue potential of that slot.

Today, we are announcing that both Yieldmo and DoubleClick have implemented multi-size ad request support for AMP pages.

The issue with multi-size ad requests today

Publishers have been using multi-size ad requests to optimize revenue across their web properties for a while now. However, the implementation to date has led to poor user experiences. Existing multi-size ad slots have caused pages to reflow, which in turn could lead to:

1) Accidental ad clicks taking the user out of the original content experience

2) Undesirable content experiences with content bouncing to fit the new ad unit

3) Poor technical performance of the page

The AMP solution

AMP always prioritizes user experience and page performance over anything else. Accordingly, it strictly enforces the principle of containment, i.e. the ad response can never cause the rest of the content to reflow.

AMP will always reserve the primary size required for the ad slot before the ad request is made. In order to support multi-size ad requests, the render-start API  was enhanced to accept an optional size parameter. When this parameter is sent by the ad tech provider, AMP will automatically resize the primary size of the container (when necessary) to fit the creative without causing page reflow.

Enabling Yieldmo clients to leverage multi-size ad requests on AMP

As an early supporter of the AMP project, Yieldmo has been deeply invested in helping publishers effectively monetize their content on AMP pages.

“Publishers and advertisers have been asking for us to provide multi-size ad request support in AMP for a while now. But doing this in a way that wasn’t intrusive to the user-experience was a challenge. We collaborated very closely with the AMP team on this project, even helping define some of the implementation. Integrating with the new API was really easy, and we’re excited to see how this new feature will drive revenue for our clients.” – Rahul Rao, Yieldmo.

For more details on Yieldmo’s implementation, check out the documentation.

To learn more about DoubleClick’s support for multi-size ad requests, check out the documentation and examples.

Posted by Rahul Rao, Director, SDK, Yieldmo & Vamsee Jasti, Product Manager, AMP Project