Amp up for AMP Conf 2017


I can’t believe it’s already been over a year since we started our quest for faster, friendlier web pages. Now that we’re out of the honeymoon phase, the AMP team is taking a hard look at where we are today, what’s to come, and the direction of the AMP ecosystem.

It’s easy to blaze ahead with the development of new features, but it’s infinitely harder to create a healthy, breathing ecosystem. To do so, we want to continue to involve all of you – the AMP community – in figuring out the right path together. How better to kickstart things than to meet up?

With that, it’s my great pleasure to invite you to our first-ever AMP Conf. First, the basics:

  • March 7th and 8th
  • At the Tribeca 360 space in New York
  • Live-streamed around the world
  • Two full days of talks and panels
  • Targeted at web developers & designers

Whether you’re interested in or already building AMP pages, building a platform to display AMP content, or want to contribute to AMP itself (yes please!), we want you to participate. Request a seat to in person, or join via the live stream on YouTube.

Not only will the AMP team talk about new, exciting features and components – more than half of all talks and panels will be from you, members of the AMP ecosystem. We’ll discuss:

  • The challenges and wins of running AMP in production
  • How to create better, beautiful and interactive AMP pages
  • How your AMP pages are distributed across platforms
  • How to monetize AMP pages and the innovation happening around ads in AMP
  • How you can contribute to AMP

We’ll follow up with a more detailed conference schedule by the end of January, and if you have any questions not covered in the FAQ, reach out to me (or anytime.

See you soon!

Posted by Paul Bakaus, AMP Developer Advocate, Google