AMP Contributor Summit: Learnings & Takeaways


We held the first ever AMP Contributor Summit late last month, bringing together more than 80 developers from the open source community to meet each other face-to-face, talk about the latest developments in AMP and discuss where AMP should head into the future.


The summit kicked off with a New Contributor Day for people who were new to contributing to AMP.  After a series of talks covering the basics of AMP extensions and how to get code reviewed and merged, we spent the afternoon writing code.  We had 46 pull requests created on New Contributor Day alone, including many from people who had never contributed to an open source project before!  If you’re interested in contributing to AMP but weren’t able to make it to the summit, check out the New Contributor Day talks and maybe even try the beginner or advanced codelabs!

On the second day of the summit members of the community gave talks to bring everyone up to speed on the latest in AMP and to get the attendees thinking about AMP’s future.  Malte Ubl kicked off the day with an overview, and then a range of topics were covered throughout the day, including JS in AMP the proposal to change AMP’s governance model and fixing AMP URLs.  All of these talks are now available on an AMP Channel playlist.

For the last day of the summit the attendees split up into a wide variety of discussion groups.  These discussions were primarily forward-looking, focused on deep technical topics, “what’s next” for specific areas and how to make AMP better for end-users and developers using AMP.  Some examples of the topics discussed are the future of AMP Stories, improving interactivity in AMP, using AMP components outside of AMP pages and how to increase contributor diversity.  A complete list of topics with notes from most of them is available and more.

We were happy to see positive feedback from the summit attendees regarding the overall experience, the content and the sense of community that resulted from the summit.  We’re planning on having more summits like this in the future and hope to see you at one of them!

Posted by Joey Rozier, AMP Engineering Manager at Google