The AMP Contributor Summit Hits New York

A collection of social posts from the AMP Contributor Summit

Last week around one hundred contributors joined us in NYC to catch up face-to-face and discuss exciting new developments in the world of AMP. 

We mixed in a lot of different formats this year; pairing up expert talks with active breakout sessions. We also opened the floor up to more informal conversations, which gave the community more opportunities to share ideas. 

The big news this year? AMP is joining the OpenJS Foundation incubation program! It’s an exciting development, which will open up key support services while allowing AMP to maintain our own identity, technical focus, and product direction. Check out the ripples the Summit made on Twitter here.

The excitement builds!

With contributors arriving from around the world – there was plenty of buzz descending on NYC. It was so awesome to see groups that usually communicate through Slack and Github come together to build stronger friendships.

Bombshell after bombshell

There were some big announcements throughout the event – from new features to the big news about AMP joining the OpenJS Foundation. On top of that, the breakout sessions got everyone working together to build their skills and grab a sweet treat in the form of AMP cupcakes! 

The dust settles

Nothing brings people together more than shared interests. The last few days have been a fantastic opportunity for the AMP community; everyone jumped in with two feet to share their knowledge and build offline friendships.  

The feedback on this year’s Summit has been so positive – and we’re pumped about the direction our wonderful contributors are taking AMP in. For everyone that came along for the ride – we’d like to sincerely thank you for helping to build and improve upon AMP.

We can’t wait to see the exciting times ahead for AMP, but we need your help. If you’re interested in contributing, join one of our working groups and get involved today! Have specific questions on getting involved? Join in the conversation on our Slack channel. Curious about the talks given during the summit? Check out the presentation decks here and stay tuned to our YouTube channel, where we’ll be uploading videos of all the talks in the coming weeks. 

Written by Alex Durán, AMP Project Marketing Lead at Google