AMP is joining the OpenJS Foundation incubation program


Update 6/26/2020: Since this blog post went live, AMP has officially graduated from the OpenJS Foundation Incubation Program. See the news here.

On behalf the AMP Project, I am happy to announce that AMP is joining the OpenJS Foundation incubation program.

AMP was founded as an open source project four years ago to provide a framework that allows web developers to more easily create fast, user-friendly experiences.  We have sought to make AMP a welcoming community for contributors, and have now had nearly 1000 people contribute code to AMP.

Last year we worked with the community to develop an improved governance model to ensure AMP’s technical and product direction were made from a diverse set of voices from the community, representing many AMP stakeholders and constituencies.

At the time we made these governance changes, we announced our intention to move AMP to a foundation after the community had adapted to the new governance model and when we found the right foundation for AMP.  That time has now arrived. After considering many options for a foundation that meets all of AMP’s needs, the OpenJS Foundation stood out as an ideal home for AMP.

There are many reasons that the OpenJS Foundation is the right choice for AMP, including:

  • AMP’s mission of providing “a user-first format for web content” aligns well with the Open JS Foundation’s goals to “promote the widespread adoption and continued development of key JavaScript and web solutions and related technologies.”
  • The OpenJS Foundation offers projects the independence to maintain their own identities, technical focus and product direction while offering key support services that projects look to a foundation for, such as a funding mechanism, legal support, etc.
  • We are already aligned on governance philosophies as AMP’s new governance model was significantly influenced by the governance models of the two organizations that formed the Open JS Foundation, the JS Foundation and Node.js Foundation.

For more details on the foundation search and our reasons for choosing the OpenJS Foundation, see the presentation from AMP Advisory Committee member Tobie Langel and OpenJS Foundation Executive Director Robin Ginn at the AMP Contributor Summit today.

With approval from AMP’s Technical Steering Committee and Advisory Committee, AMP recently kicked off the OpenJS Foundation’s Project Proposal Process.  After reviewing the proposal the foundation’s Cross Project Council (CPC) has accepted AMP into the foundation’s incubation program.  Over the coming months AMP will work with the OpenJS Foundation to complete the on-boarding checklist and join the foundation.

Google will continue to be a strong supporter of AMP.  Google is already a platinum member of the OpenJS Foundation, and will continue to provide additional financial and other forms of support to the foundation to ensure a thriving AMP community and ecosystem.  The team of Google employees contributing full time to the AMP open source project will also continue to do so.

We are looking forward to working with the broader OpenJS Foundation community during the incubation phase and beyond to keep the web open and sustainable. 

Malte Ubl, on behalf of AMP’s Technical Steering Committee