How AWeber makes AMP for Email Powerfully-Simple for Small Businesses


Editor’s Note: the following guest post was written by Dave Stys, Technical Product Manager, Email Delivery at AWeber

AWeber is a market leader of small business email marketing solutions. Founded in 1998, AWeber has over 20 years of proven success helping more than one million customers around the world reliably connect with their prospects and customers through powerfully-simple email marketing software and award-winning support.

AWeber is always on the cutting edge of email technology. That’s why we believe AMP for Email is going to change the way people connect and interact with email. So we made it a priority to make the power of AMP for Email accessible to small businesses — regardless of their technical abilities. 

After introducing AMP for Email technology to customers in July 2019, we released an AMP-powered image carousel into our message editor — making it powerfully-simple for small businesses and their marketing teams to use an AMP-powered element in their email messages.

In fact, AWeber uses AMP for Email technology consistently in its own marketing efforts. 

In the past year, we’ve creatively incorporated AMP-powered elements into our blog digest newsletter, FWD: Thinking, to create stronger interactions with subscribers. Through AMP-powered quizzes, polls, feedback forms, sentiment widgets and image carousels, we’ve consistently delighted customers and built stronger relationships. 

Quizzes and Polls

AMP-powered quizzes and polls allow subscribers to test their knowledge and share their opinions without leaving their inbox. Once subscribers click on an answer, they are automatically given the breakdown of subscribers who chose each answer. We share the complete results in the following week’s edition of FWD: Thinking.

Feedback Forms

With AMP-powered feedback forms, our subscribers can submit thoughts and opinions to us within the email itself. This eliminates the barrier of having to open a survey from another tab to share their feedback. We want to hear about their biggest pain points, as it lets us act more quickly to create educational content and product features our customers need.

Sentiment Widgets

Similarly, interactive sentiment widgets let us check in with our audience to see if we’re providing valuable content or not. With AMP for Email technology, we elevated our sentiment widget to include a dynamic form within our messages — which helps us understand why respondents reacted the way they did.

Image Carousels

Finally, our AMP-powered image carousel lets us incorporate a number of images or GIFs in an email without taking up too much space or visually-overloading our audience.


We first included a poll in our newsletter in October 2019. However, over the last five months, engagement on AMP for Email elements in our newsletter has skyrocketed over 225%. In fact, in response to one of the dynamic feedback forms, a subscriber said:

I have a question about this form in the email…Does it submit? What wizardry is this?”

As AMP for Email becomes more and more prevalent over time, subscribers will come to expect dynamic and interactive content in their emails. It will become the norm not to open a new tab to RSVP to an event, provide feedback or take a survey. Subscribers will want to take action in their inbox. And those who can provide that opportunity will delight their subscribers and be ahead of the curve. 

AWeber is the first small business email service provider to support AMP for Email technology for users – and in a powerfully-simple way that doesn’t require technical expertise. As you have read, we’ve experienced the impact of AMP for Email firsthand, and we want our customers to be able to access it as well. 

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