Introducing Code-Fi, the AMP code-from-home music mix

Developer Experience

The last month and a half have been hard for everyone around the world. As the developer community continues coding away from home, the AMP outreach team wanted to share something we put together to hopefully improve your coding experience. Introducing Code-Fi, our carefully curated mix of relaxing beats to code to. 

If you’ve never heard of Lo-Fi music before, it’s a genre of music that has become increasingly popular on YouTube in the last few years, and especially in the last month. Lo-Fi mixes are often used as relaxing ambient music that can be left open on the side while you work on a project, or played in the background at the end of a long day to unwind. However you use it, we hope you are staying as productive and relaxed as the AMP Code-Fi girl featured in our video!

Special shout out and thank you to AMP contributor Aaron Turner, who produced many of the songs in the mix, as well as put together this awesome mix of Lo-Fi tracks. Check out the video on YouTube to see the other artists featured. 

Posted by Alex Durán, AMP Project Marketing, Google