Optimized AMP made easy with Cloudflare Workers


Editor’s Note: the following announcement was originally posted to the Cloudflare blog

We’re happy to announce the release of a new Cloudflare Worker integration for AMP Optimizer. This has been a joint effort between Cloudflare and the AMP Project and with Cloudflare Workers it’s now possible to easily publish optimized AMP, even if your CMS or framework does not support optimized AMP out of the box.

Optimizing your AMP pages is a critical step in preparing your AMP pages for the upcoming page experience launch. If you’re unsure whether you should be using an AMP Optimizer or not, use the AMP Page Experience Guide to check the performance of your AMP pages and get actionable recommendations on how to improve them.

To learn more about how the Cloudflare AMP Optimizer integration works, check out the full details on the Cloudflare Blog or head over to cloudflare-amp-optimizer to get started right away.