Web Story Forms unlock more ways to engage your audience


It’s no surprise that Creators want to own the relationship with their fans. Everyone from influencers to your favorite bloggers are creating newsletters to help grow their brands by creating more meaningful connections with their audience. To further empower creators, we have expanded the Web Stories page attachment functionality to support forms, so readers can submit their information and opt-in to receive future updates from their favorite brand or creator. 

This component allows a reader to easily sign up for a newsletter, opt-in to text updates, or submit your info to learn more about a product or service. The experience was designed to be as seamless as possible. While reading a story a user can “swipe up”, or a tap on the call to action button to learn more. When the page attachment opens, a reader can complete the fields, submit their information, and then easily go back to finishing the story or reading a new one. 

The amp-form extension allows you to create forms (<form>) to submit input fields in a Web Story. The amp-form extension also provides polyfills for some missing behaviors in browsers. For the full implementation guidance, review this resource

<script async custom-element="amp-form" src=""></script>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

New opportunities for new verticals

Creators – Build brand awareness

Did you just post your Bali travel vlog? Looking to increase engagement on your latest Winter Lookbook?

Consider up-leveling your content strategy by using Web Stories to grow your newsletter. 

Readers can enter their email address directly within a Web Story form

Publishers & small businesses – Secure leads

Are you hosting an event? Do you want to let your readers know when your newest cupcake recipe is published?

Forms can help you keep track of your growing audience. 

Use Web Story forms to collect reader information and keep them up to date

BrandsNurture and convert leads

Is your new product dropping soon?  Do you want to stay connected with your top customers? 

Instead of an endless vertical scroll, experiment with Web Stories as landing pages. 

Use Web Story landing pages to generate leads


Forms for Stories are like forms for your website. Creation tools are working on adding form support. Finally, remember to follow form best practices to ensure you are protecting your readers’ data.

Stay updated

Whether you like reading Web Stories, are interested in creating them yourself, or are building creation tools, come share your ideas and suggestions with the Web Stories working group. You can reach out to us on Github, Slack and can subscribe to a low traffic developer preview email group.

Posted by Ryan Warrender, Web Stories Product Manager, Google