An update on AMP Conf

AMP Conf

Thanks for your interest in AMP Conf 2020. With event registration approaching quickly and growing concern around the coronavirus (COVID-19), and in alignment with the best practices laid out by the CDC, WHO, and other relevant entities, we wanted to share an important update. Based on our most up-to-date assessment, the potential difficulties around travel, and in consideration of general public health and safety, we have decided to postpone the event. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email the AMP Conf planning team at: 

We’re very sorry to delay the opportunity to connect in person, but we feel strongly that the safety and health of all attendees, especially those who are traveling, is the priority at this time.

We will aim to share an updated date for the event in the future when we have a better sense of a time that will work for everyone. 

Stay tuned!

Posted by Alex Durán, AMP Project Marketing Lead at Google on behalf of the AMP Conf planning team

AMP Conf 2020: Return to NYC

AMP Conf

UPDATE: Given the recent events surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus), AMP Conf has been postponed. Please read our latest update regarding AMP Conf.

AMP Conf 2019 in Tokyo

Last year over 500 of us gathered in Tokyo to share the latest AMP news and learn from some of the thousands of developers engaged with the open source project. A lot has happened in the world of AMP since then, including AMP joining the OpenJS Foundation, our release for general availability of <amp-script>, Adobe Campaign launching support for AMP For Email, and many other exciting developments. We’ve seen amazing growth in the AMP community as developers around the world continue to build beautiful, performant sites, all while using AMP as a way to stay productive and innovative.

AMP Conf returns to NYC!

We are thrilled to invite you to join us at the next AMP Conf, being held in New York City on June 16 and 17. We are so excited to be returning to the city where AMP Conf got its start, and can’t wait to see you there. Come to learn about the latest ways the AMP community is working to make the web better for everyone – publishers, platforms, advertisers, creators, and of course, users. You’ll hear from those working on contributing to AMP, those using the format, and the committees who manage AMP’s governance. 

We also want to continue the tradition of including broader community voices by inviting you to submit ideas for talks. We want to hear about the most interesting things you’ve done with AMP, how AMP has increased your team’s productivity, how you’ve approached building AMP pages, or how you’ve innovated with AMP Stories, AMP For Email, and AMP Ads. Stay tuned for more information and a form to submit ideas for talks.

We will be releasing applications for spots at AMP Conf in the coming month, but in the meantime click here to save the date on your calendar. We’ll also share more details soon regarding a limited number of travel scholarships for those who may need travel support, especially those from underrepresented communities.

If you’re unable to attend in person, we’ll be recording and live streaming all of the talks, so subscribe to the AMP YouTube channel to catch those videos in the meantime.

Stay tuned for details on registration and the talk agenda as we get closer to the event! We look forward to seeing many of you in New York City later this year! 

Posted by Alex Durán, AMP Project Marketing Lead at Google 

AMP Conf 2019: Successful web experiences for everyone

AMP Conf

Konnichiwa from Tokyo and our third annual AMP Conf! More than 500 developers are joining us over the next 2 days to hear from 50 speakers about how they’ve used AMP, what they’ve learned, and what’s coming next. With over 850 code contributors to the project and billions of AMP websites, the AMP team is more motivated than ever to build towards our vision of a strong user-first open web forever. And with a new governance model announced last year, leading voices across the web will ensure the project aims to meet the needs of both developers and users.

See all the announcements in the AMP Conf Keynote

AMP means great user experiences on the web

What’s in a name? When AMP started more than 3 years ago, Accelerated Mobile Pages fit pretty well. But AMP isn’t just accelerating webpage experiences anymore – it’s drives an overall superior user experience across the web. And mobile phones are just one of a myriad of supported devices AMP runs on, including desktop and tablets. Plus with immersive stories, dynamic emails, and better ads we are well beyond our original pages name.

Moving forward, The AMP Project will just be known as AMP – no acronym necessary, just a word that signifies speed and a great user experience across the web. You’ll see this reflected in our newly launched home for all things AMP,, where you’ll learn all there is to know about the types of experiences developers are using AMP to build.

The new home for all things AMP:

With documentation sections for websites, stories, emails and ads, developers can find what they need quickly. And we’ve strengthened the site’s resources as well, both importing the templates and examples that previously lived on and, and providing new assets like a use cases section with downloadable demos showcasing what’s possible with AMP.

Making AMP more capable

At its core, the web is comprised of 3 main elements: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Since AMPs creation, developing with AMP only gave you access to HTML and CSS to ensure pages remained performant and secure. That’s changing now due to a technology called WorkerDOM, which brings full JavaScript integration to AMP.  The new amp-script component gives you the ability to run JavaScript from within an AMP document, all while ensuring that the experience remains safe and fast.

But JavaScript is now used in more ways than the client: One of the most popular ways to create AMP pages is through React server-side rendering. To support this use-case, we’re thrilled to share that Next.js, one of the most popular frameworks for React, is gaining first-class support for AMP. In fact is built entirely with AMP!

Additionally, AMP is now taking advantage of another web technology called web packaging that allows publishers to get the instant loading of AMP from their own domain. We’ve heard the feedback that AMP URLs from Google Search can be confusing or problematic, and last year began working on using signed exchanges to address this issue. We’re now excited to announce that Signed Exchange support is launching in Google Search, available to all users of browsers that support the new technology (currently Chromium-based browsers) and all websites that serve signed exchanges. This means you can now get instant loading for AMP on your own domain! See more details in this Google Webmaster Blog post or visit Cloudflare who recently announced that they are offering signed exchanges to all of its customers free of charge via a new product called AMP Real URL.

AMP as a Service

One of the differentiating features of AMP is that every day hundreds of open source contributors and dozens of full time engineers are working on making AMP better. In fact, because the AMP team and the open source community are constantly working on improvements that are shipped to all AMP pages via a CDN multiple times a month, you can think of “AMP as a Service”, modeled after the concept of software as a service.

This includes ways in which AMP is always improving your site directly with elements like image lightbox with swipe dismissal as default for many images, as well as a blurry image placeholder as an upgraded experience for images that take longer to load. Additionally AMP provides best-in-class and easy-to-integrate features like input masking, video docking or infinite scrolling for lists. And finally, we’re introducing a one-line ServiceWorker, an auto-configuring ServiceWorker that turns any AMP page into a PWA. It is preconfigured for AMP, so that it does all the right things for network resilience and improved speed out of the box, and like everything in AMP will become better over time.

Blurry image placeholder example

Driving ROI with Speed

We realize AMP’s vision is rooted in supporting the long term success of publishers and advertisers across the web. To this end we’ve seen strong recent success with AMPHTML ads, ads that are built with the underlying technology used on AMP pages. In particular, So-net, a Japanese DSP, has seen huge decreases in Ad Load time which resulted in major ad metrics improvements, such as a 34% CTR improvement. And leading Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS in partnership with Volkswagen ran an experiment combining AMP pages, AMPHTML ads and AMP landing pages, resulting in a sizable 76% conversion uplift. In other words, when AMP ensured the user-experience was great, each acquisition was 43% cheaper!

Online merchants are critical to the health and success of the web. Shopify, a platform that powers over 800,000 online businesses, supports AMP with their apps platform. Six of these apps, installed by more than 20.000 stores to date, provide great AMP versions of the Shopify storefront. Check out the full review of these Shopify apps in a recent blogpost.


We announced a developer preview for AMP Stories at last year’s AMP Conf. Stories are a new medium that was truly born on mobile, allowing users to have a visual content experience that feels native to their phone. And while many users experience story content within apps, we’ve spent much of the last year building out the capabilities of the AMP Stories format to take advantage of what is unique about a story product for the open web.  With AMP stories, publishers own their content, completely control the monetization, and design and distribute the content exactly as they like. Over the last year, we’ve seen many publishers create engaging content in the format. This week Washington Post contributor Lorenzo Tugnoli was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography for his rich and riveting photographs capturing the human toll of war in Yemen, which appeared in the paper as an AMP Story. The AMP Story presentation was so visually striking that it was submitted to the Pulitzer committee as the official document showcasing the photographs.

Over the past year, we’ve added many new features like page attachments, sidebars, and more robust support for a desktop experience. And story ads, with upcoming programmatic support as well as support for affiliate links provide greater monetization flexibility.

Sidebar menu in AMP stories

We also recognize that most creators of AMP Stories will prefer to use tools to create their stories rather than hand code them. We’re excited by the set of robust tools that are emerging. This includes MakeStories, an end-to-end WYSIWYG editor for making stories, that is now live to everyone at for free this week. Additionally Unfold, one of the top story creation tools with 17M downloads is integrating AMP Stories support as part of a new premium version of their product that will launch in June. And a new AMP plugin for WordPress is launching today in beta with a built-in WYSIWYG editor for AMP Stories. In the near future the stable version will enable all users of the AMP plugin to create their own stories with no additional plugin installation.

Ensuring great stories are visible and accessible is also a high priority for platforms like Google, which announced today that it is creating a dedicated block for Visual Stories on search result pages. Google is starting with story content in the travel space and plans to launch additional blocks for gaming, movies, TV, fashion, and more.

AMP story travel block on Google Search


Finally, we announced AMP for email at AMP Conf last year to bring the power of interactivity to email, and the format is now live and ready for business. AMP for email enables email senders to create dynamic, interactive content within an email, opening up a new world of possibilities without a user needing to leave their inbox. Dynamic mail was made available to Gmail and G Suite users recently, and we are excited to share that is exiting their beta and launching to all users this week. In addition, the AMP for email spec has engagement from other major email providers around the world including Yahoo Mail and  As each of these providers launches support, senders will scale the reach of their AMP emails to users.  And early adopters of AMP for email like OYO, India’s largest hospitality company, saw a 60% conversion lift for visitors coming via AMP emails since launch.


AMP has evolved well beyond its first step to help publishers speed up their content sites. With major improvements to make the library capable across websites, stories, ads and emails, AMP aims to empower developers to create great experiences across the web. The AMP team is as excited as we were on day one and remain committed to working towards our vision of a user-first open web forever.

Posted by Malte Ubl, Technical Steering Committee, AMP

AMP Conf 2019 が東京で開催されます

AMP Conf

この記事は AMP プロジェクト マーケティング リード、Matt Ludwig による Accelerated Mobile Pages Project の記事 “Announcing AMP Conf 2019: Tokyo” を元に翻訳・加筆したものです。詳しくは元記事をご覧ください。

昨年 2 月アムステルダムにて AMP というオープンソースプロジェクトの最新情報や学びを共有すべく AMP Conf 2018 が開催され、400 名もの方々が集まりました。この AMP というフレームワークはそれ以降も進化のスピードを止めることはなく、新たなガバナンスモデルを導入し、多くのパブリッシャーや E コマースのウェブサイトに採用され続けています。その中でも注目すべきははアジア・パシフィックでの普及です。たとえば最近の事例では、インドのパブリッシャーである Times of India やオーストラリアの自動車保険の そして日本の CMS の EC-CUBE など、この地域での盛り上がりには目を見張るものがあります。

AMP Conf 2019 はついに東京へ!

このような盛り上がりを受けて、2019 年の AMP Conf は 4 月 17 日、18 日に東京で開催することが決定されました。AMP のコアデベロッパーやコントリビューター、AMP を利用してサイト制作をしているエンジニアやデザイナー、そして新たなガバナンスモデルを形成しているコミッティーのメンバーと一緒に、AMP の最新情報や事例を見ていきましょう。コアな AMPHTML のトピックだけでなく、AMP stories、AMP for email、AMPHTML ads などの新しいフォーマットに関するアップデートも予定されています。またすべての方に楽しんでいただけるよう、コンテンツは英語だけでなく日本語でも聞けるように通訳される予定です。

そして今年も多くの方からの声や意見を反映するため、セッションの一般募集が行われています。皆さんが取り組まれた AMP の面白い使い方や、本番環境で利用するにあたっての苦労話、開発プロセスにおける工夫や、ウェブ エコシステムの中での AMP の捉え方など、さまざまな話題をご応募ください。

AMP Conf に参加するにはこちらのフォームからお申込みください。また、数に限りはありますが、一部の支援が必要なコミュニティなどを対象とした旅費の援助も検討されていますので、ご希望の方は登録時にお申込みください。もし東京に来れない場合は、ライブストリーミングやセッション動画の公開も行われますので、AMP YouTube チャンネルに登録してください。

開催日が近づくにつれ、より詳細なトーク コンテンツが更新される予定ですので、ぜひともご確認ください。もうすぐ(あと100日以内で )皆さまとお会いできることを楽しみにしています。

Reviewed by Yusuke Utsunomiya – Mobile Solutions Consultant, Google