AMP Advisory Committee 2020 election results

Community, Governance

In late August, we opened our call for nominations for the AMP Advisory Committee. We had several positions to fill due to end-of-term departures. We’d like to take this occasion to thank the members who are leaving for their contributions to the Advisory Committee: Ali Ghassemi, Brian Howard (interim member), Charles Vazac, David Merrell, Levi […] Read more

OpenJS Foundation AMA: AMP Project TSC


Editor’s note: the following post originally appeared on the OpenJS Foundation Blog The AMP Project joined the OpenJS Foundation this past summer as a Growth project, aiming to create a more “user-first” open web experience for all. In this AMA, users were able to ask questions via Twitter (#AskAMP) and live YouTube chat. This AMA followed AMP Fest, […] Read more

AMP Advisory Committee 2020 election

Community, Governance

Update: the results are in! AMP’s development is stewarded by an open governance system of multiple working groups and two committees: the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), which is responsible for the project’s direction and day-to-day operations, and the Advisory Committee (AC), which provide valuable perspective, stakeholder input, and advice to the TSC and to working groups. An […] Read more

AMP graduates the OpenJS Incubation program


This week developers and members of the open source web development community tuned into OpenJS World for an exciting few days filled with informative talks, online code labs, collaborator conversations, and much more. This is the first time AMP has had such a large presence at the event since announcing our intent to join the […] Read more

AMP is joining the OpenJS Foundation incubation program


Update 6/26/2020: Since this blog post went live, AMP has officially graduated from the OpenJS Foundation Incubation Program. See the news here. On behalf the AMP Project, I am happy to announce that AMP is joining the OpenJS Foundation incubation program. AMP was founded as an open source project four years ago to provide a […] Read more

AMP Advisory Committee midterm election results


In early August, we announced a midterm election for the AMP Advisory Committee (AC) with the goal of increasing the diversity of the AC’s membership. Right after we announced the election, Dane Knecht of Cloudflare resigned from his position on the AC, thus freeing an extra seat, but also reducing the presence of CDNs in […] Read more

AMP Advisory Committee midterm election


Update: the results are in! In September 2018, Malte Ubl—then AMP’s tech lead—announced a new open governance model for AMP built around a series of working groups and two committees: the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), responsible for the direction of the AMP project and day to day operations, and the Advisory Committee (AC), which provides […] Read more

Save the Date – AMP Contributor Summit 2019

Developer Experience, Governance

This year’s AMP Contributor Summit will be held October 8-10, 2019 in New York City, and we need your help to help make it happen! The AMP Contributor Summit is a technical summit for AMP’s open source contributors.  At the first AMP Contributor Summit last year more than 80 members of the community got together […] Read more

Encouraging More Voices in AMP


Last year we implemented changes in AMP’s governance model to encourage a wider variety of voices in the AMP community and to make it more clear how people can have a voice.  I’m happy to provide some updates on our progress towards these goals. AMP’s Technical Steering Committee and Advisory Committee have started meeting As part of […] Read more

AMP Project’s new governance model now in effect


In September I announced a proposal for a new governance model for AMP that more explicitly gives a voice to all constituents of the community.  Since that announcement we have worked with the community to improve the proposal through a wide variety of channels including comments on the proposal pull request on GitHub, issues in […] Read more