AMP graduates the OpenJS Incubation program


This week developers and members of the open source web development community tuned into OpenJS World for an exciting few days filled with informative talks, online code labs, collaborator conversations, and much more. This is the first time AMP has had such a large presence at the event since announcing our intent to join the foundation last year, and we are very excited to be further integrating AMP into the OpenJS community.

Speaking of further integrating AMP into the OpenJS Foundation, we are thrilled by our joint announcement on Tuesday that AMP has officially graduated from the OpenJS Foundation incubation program and is joining the OpenJS Foundation as a Growth project! During OpenJS World keynotes, Malte Ubl, Principal Engineer at Google, the creator of AMP, and a member of the AMP Project’s Technical Steering Committee, announced the exciting news. 

AMP has officially graduated the OpenJS Foundation incubation program

AMP joined the OpenJS incubation program last year and since then, the collaboration between the project and the Foundation has been very beneficial. Graduating from the OpenJS Foundation Incubation program signals more opportunities for growth and diversity for the AMP community. In becoming a full-fledged OpenJS Foundation project, AMP can better deliver on its vision of delivering  “A strong, user-first open web forever.” But this wasn’t the only exciting AMP news to come out of the conference.

Watch Malte’s keynote from the event

As Malte mentioned in his keynote on Tuesday, we are also thrilled to welcome Kasiana McLenaghan to the AMP Technical Steering Committee. Kasiana is a Senior Product Manager at Axios, where she works on the company’s site, newsletters and CMS. 

Kasiana led Axios’ development of an AMP-first website, launched in February 2020. Before Axios, Kasiana held product roles in smart city and sustainability-focused startups in Silicon Valley. She earned a master’s degree in data journalism from Columbia University, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stanford University. The AMP Project welcomes Kasiana and we can’t wait to collaborate on the future of AMP!

Kasiana McLenaghan, Senior Product Manager at Axios and newest member of the AMP TSC

This year AMP also took part for the first time in the OpenJS World Collaborator Summit. From talks on the future of AMP to the latest on Web Stories, it was great to connect with new and old faces alike and share how we are all working towards a better web! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out our talks. While we couldn’t connect with you in person this time, we look forward to more opportunities to connect with you in the near future. 

“How to integrate AMP into your framework or CMS” was just one of the many talks from the Collaborator Summit

As we close out the week, we’d like to thank the OpenJS Foundation and everyone else who helped make the event a success. This week is a major milestone for the AMP Project and we couldn’t have made it this far without the support of the broader AMP community. As we look back at five years of AMP, we can’t wait to continue expanding our horizons even further within the OpenJS foundation. If you weren’t able to attend the conference, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter as we’ll be Tweeting out links to AMP talks from the Collaborator Summit in the coming weeks. 

Posted by Alex Durán, AMP Project Marketing, Google