Learn how to use the Search Console AMP status report


The following guest post was written by Daniel Waisberg, Search Advocate, Google

Search Console is a free tool provided by Google to webmasters and developers to help optimize sites for search. In addition to data about search performance, index coverage and structured data markup, the tool can also help improve your AMP implementation. It shows AMP issues Google discovered in your website, provides information on how to fix them, and allows you to ask Google to validate your fixes. 

We’ve released a new episode of our Search Console Training YouTube series that shows you how to use the AMP status report in the tool.

In a nutshell, the AMP status report top level view shows crawled AMP pages with any issues found by Google. You’ll find a table with all issues sorted by a combination of severity, validation state, and number of pages affected. Click a specific issue to see more details and   a link to learn more about how to fix it and a process to notify Google about your fixes. You’ll also find a list of example URLs affected by this issue – you can click a specific URL to find the HTML and exact location of the offending code. 

It might also be a good idea to use the AMP Test tool, where in addition to testing a specific page, you can also upload a piece of code to check for issues – this can be helpful to debug issues for new pages. This tool will check your general AMP implementation, without specific information about Google indexing, so there is no need to verify your website to use it.

We hope you enjoy the videos and it helps you improve your AMP implementation! If you’re not using Search Console, check out the options available to verify your site ownership. For questions or comments, reach out via the Webmasters Help Community or our Twitter account