Introducing the fastest and most user-friendly content encryption


Stuck between keeping content secure and providing a great user experience? The debate is over! We’re introducing a new type of premium experience! Client-side content encryption is a fast and user-friendly solution to protect and serve premium content. All while providing the same level of security as server-side validation!

What’s the problem?

A server-side paywall process may look something like this:

The user lands on a page for subscribers only. 

The page asks the user for the login credentials then sends them to the server.

The user waits…

The server returns the premium content to a subscriber, 

or a paywall for non-subscribers, by refreshing the current page. 

AMP is all about speed, portability, and user happiness. However, server-side validation can cause a virtual detour. Users at the edge of their seat are dying to dive into breaking news and making this round trip can cost double the data for the same amount of content! Not to mention, users will drop off if they have to wait too long or if the process becomes too tedious.

Publishers often take a chance and aim for a more user-friendly experience by hiding content with CSS. But this comes as a cost! Savvier non-subscribers can break through these defences and access content, for free. 

So, how do we get the best of both worlds?

Get the solution!

The folks at AMP and Google created a new protocol to streamline the user’s experience and secure the publisher’s content. 

Client-side content encryption serves protected premium content before authenticating the user. This protocol uses a combination of asymmetric and symmetric-key cryptography to serve encrypted content. After verifying the user, it’s decrypted all on the client-side. Additionally, AMP handles all the heavy-lifting of encrypting and decrypting. All content is easily indexed by Google and ready to serve from its AMP cache, all while providing the same level of security!  

This is the most user-friendly premium content protection that doesn’t compromise security or speed. Learn how to implement this solution by reading Protect your subscription content with client-side encryption.

Written by Crystal Lambert and Elijah Soria
Images by Chen Shay