Kargo and AMP Project Partner To Bring Optimized Mobile Creative To AMP


Editor’s Note: the following guest post was written by Becca Poeta, VP Marketing Communication and Global Experiences at Kargo

Kargo, the leader in mobile advertising, is announcing a partnership with the AMP Project to offer media buyers access to a selection of Kargo’s mobile optimized ad product suite, including the Kargo Sidekick unit, across AMP pages starting in October. The partnership gives Kargo the ability to bring their proprietary ad units to unique AMP inventory, which advertisers can now take advantage of on AMP. The partnership is in response to requests from advertisers and publishers to increase media buying opportunities and creative ad executions on AMP. Kargo is the first integration partner to offer optimized custom-ad formats on AMP. 

“We are so excited to have Kargo’s unique ad format available through their integration with AMP on our properties. Not only does this add flexibility to better monetize our AMP- enabled pages, it also brings differentiated inventory to our advertising partners,” said Corey Wong, Director of Revenue Operations at Leaf Group.

“With this Kargo integration, we have additional and unique inventory to offer on our AMP pages. Advertisers get a more impactful opportunity on pages coming from organic search, and we can drive more value through our accelerated and optimized pages, which is a win-win,” said Victoria Laemmel, Director of Operations at Bauer Media Group.

“Kargo’s contributions to the open-source have been phenomenal,” said Jeffrey Jose, Product Manager at Google who works on AMP. “We are dedicated to giving advertisers and publishers more opportunities to transact on AMP and believe that Kargo brings unique creative value to do just that.”

AMP is an open-source javascript framework for publishers, originally created by Google and now a part of the OpenJS Foundation, that speeds up page load times and keeps the pages consistently performant over time. With the new partnership, advertisers can reach their preferred audience across AMP environments with high-impact, mobile-first creatives. This will bring publishers new opportunities to monetize AMP traffic, a major goal for many publishers using the technology.

“Advertisers will now have the ability to specifically buy AMP inventory while running custom mobile-optimized creatives,” said Paola Conery, Director of Business Development at Kargo. “We’re excited to help publishers better monetize their AMP inventory with this new offering.”

About Kargo

Kargo is a mobile-first advertising company that creates innovative campaigns for over 200 of the world’s best-known brands. Our marketplace is an invitation-only collection of quality publishers that allows us to reach 100% of smartphone users in the United States, a scale that eclipses Google and Facebook while ensuring brand safety, exceptional viewability and maximum security against ad fraud. Additionally, Kargo is the first mobile platform to achieve 100% ads.txt compliance. Kargo is TAG certified and a member of the Coalition for Better Ads.