Personalized interactivity in AMP


Read our new five part guide on to learn how to build custom and delightful interactive AMP experiences

We’ve just launched a new guide on that teaches all about building interactive experiences. We know that building interactive experiences with AMP may not feel traditional and that’s because it isn’t! Interactivity in AMP is just different, and that’s because we want to ensure interactive AMP pages come with the same performance guarantees we’ve always promised. 

Building unique and delightful experiences engages users, keeping them on your site for longer. And today, through built-in functionality and components like amp-script, you can build interesting and unique experiences.

Our new guides teach you how to do amazing things, like combining AMP components to create unique interactions. Or, import your own custom logic for a personalized widget! AMP even embraces multiple solutions for client-side rendering

Start building your own experiences by reading Interactivity in AMP introduction. We can’t wait for you to share your creations!

Posted by Crystal Lambert, Technically a Writer, The AMP Project