AMP Advisory Committee 2020 election results

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In late August, we opened our call for nominations for the AMP Advisory Committee.

We had several positions to fill due to end-of-term departures. We’d like to take this occasion to thank the members who are leaving for their contributions to the Advisory Committee: Ali Ghassemi, Brian Howard (interim member), Charles Vazac, David Merrell, Levi Durfee, Maggie Wettergreen, Melanie Sumner, Melissa DePuydt, Tim Jones, and Ted Shuter. Thank you for your help!

Drawing from what we learned last year, we focused our efforts on maintaining and improving diversity of the Advisory Committee’s membership across multiple axes. We also sought to fill gaps in expertise and experience, and to ensure the group has lines of communication open with multiple constituencies. 

The result was a very strong slate of candidates from all over the world, with varying perspectives on and uses for AMP. We chose to expand the number of positions to accommodate great candidates with interesting perspectives. Even still, there were more amazing candidates than available roles. 

We elected nine new persons to serve on the Advisory Committee, and we’re thrilled to introduce them all to you today: 

  • Candice Gleason is part of a team of AMP development experts at Wompmobile, Inc. She hopes her experience will help AMP become a more desirable framework for website owners who want to bring a fast and easy-to-use experience to their user base.
  • Faizan Siddiqi is an operations and growth scaling expert in conflict and post conflict countries. Faizan looks to bring AMP-powered information and services to marginalized users in the most rugged and demanding technical environments to enhance quality of life. 
  • Jeremy Keith is a writer and web developer dedicated to an open web. He is concerned that AMP is being unfairly privileged by Google’s search engine instead of competing on its own merits.
  • Jett Jackson is a passionate developer and Network Engineer working for Lumity Technology Solutions. He has a strong love for open source and distributed systems for content sharing, and as such, hopes to help AMP maintain a neutral web landscape.
  • Jono Alderson is a digital strategist, marketing technologist, full-stack developer, and Special Ops at Yoast. He’s convinced AMP is the gold standard that websites, businesses and apps should be centralizing and building upon as the web continues to grow and evolve.
  • Julie Bacon is an Engineering Lead at The Washington Post, where she leads the article experience and champions performance in order to create better UX on the web. Julie is interested in AMP’s capabilities to empower newsrooms to create both performant and rich storytelling experiences.
  • Kelsey Johnson works in Data Governance and Privacy at The New York Times. She is excited to bring her “privacy by design” expertise and business knowledge to the Advisory Committee, and hopes to provide a well-rounded point of view on the role AMP plays for news publishers. 
  • Marissa Halpert is a Senior Software Engineer at The Washington Post, working on Arc Publishing. Marissa is passionate about accessibility, web performance, and user experience, and is excited to advocate for publishers and readers via the Advisory Committee. 
  • Tom Chandler is an SEO specialist at the BBC. Tom is working towards providing transparency and better understanding of frameworks, including AMP, across skill sets.

They will join the following members who are continuing with us in 2021 along with Jory Burson and myself:

We’re very excited to welcome these new members to the Advisory Committee and look forward to working together.

Posted by Jory Burson and Tobie Langel, AMP Advisory Committee facilitators.