Announcing a $10k matching campaign to support web open prioritization


Web developers continue to face challenges with web interoperability issues and a lack of implementation of important features. As an open-source project, the AMP Project can help represent developers and aid in addressing these challenges.  In the last few years we have partnered with Igalia to collaborate on helping advance predictability and interoperability among browsers, and […] Read more

AMP Advisory Committee 2020 election

Community, Governance

AMP’s development is stewarded by an open governance system of multiple working groups and two committees: the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), which is responsible for the project’s direction and day-to-day operations, and the Advisory Committee (AC), which provide valuable perspective, stakeholder input, and advice to the TSC and to working groups. An important goal of […] Read more

Looking back at five years of AMP


Update 6/26/2020: Since this blog post went live, AMP has officially graduated from the OpenJS Foundation Incubation Program. See the news here. This summer marks five years since the first line of code for AMP was written. The project has evolved, impacted by things like the dynamic nature of the web, changing user expectations, ideas […] Read more

Helping to fund our open-source dependencies


As has now become a yearly custom, we want to update you all on our effort to help sustainable development open-source projects that AMP depends on. It is increasingly clear that relying on people’s volunteered free time to drive mission critical open source software is not a sustainable mode of operation. As a community we […] Read more