AMP 2019 Decoded: Thank You for an Incredible Year


2019 was a big hit for AMP. We continued to grow our community and create excellent experiences across websites, email, stories and ads. So let’s flashback to the beginning of this year and recap all the milestones we accomplished together.  Watch the video and read below:

Next.js for AMP 

Building AMP pages through React server-side rendering has gained enough momentum for us to realize we needed to add to our capabilities to support this use-case. That’s why we integrated with Next.js, one of the most popular frameworks for React. Fun fact: is built entirely with AMP!


The game-changer <amp-script> finally hit your screens this year. This highly anticipated component enables you to add custom JavaScript to your AMP pages, share code across AMP and non-AMP pages, and build things that were not possible before.

OpenJS foundation welcomes AMP 

We revealed what’s next for our open governance model by announcing our decision to join the OpenJS Foundation. Its mission aligns with ours, and it’ll magnify diverse voices in tech and support our efforts to create a fairer web. 

AMP in your inbox 

Gmail launched support for AMP for email, bringing our user-first experience to an inbox near you. Email senders can now create frictionless experiences and interactive content to boost engagement. The AMP for email spec also has engagement from other major email providers like Outlook and Yahoo Mail, and we are looking forward to reshaping the email ecosystem together. 

The new component is also available on, and early adopters are already celebrating great results. OYO, India’s largest hospitality company, saw a 60% uplift in conversions when testing AMP for email. 

Arigato for making AMP Conf a success  

Our team met nearly 500 of you in Tokyo at our third annual #AMPConf. In addition to product announcements, we also launched a completely redesigned, one website for all of our code samples, templates, and documentation. AMPConf2020 is already in the making, so stay tuned to hear where we will be taking the event next.

AMP Contributors Summit in the Big Apple 

In early October we caught up with around a hundred contributors in New York at the annual #AMPCS2019 to discuss new features for AMP. It wasn’t just talk, we hosted breakout sessions where we worked together to improve our projects, and knocked some AMP socks off in the process. 

A strong community

Nearly 1,000 people have contributed code to AMP and are helping us design a faster, better web for all. This year alone, 341 contributors made over 18,300 contributions across all AMP project repositories. 

The People Behind the Code

The community plays a massive role in making AMP great; it’s where we share what we know and learn what we don’t. So we launched the ‘People Behind the Code‘ series to understand how community members use AMP in real life to make a difference. 

19 new Roadshows under our belt 

AMP hit the road 19 times this year, taking our Roadshows around the globe. From Johannesburg to Seoul, 1,600 of you came out to see what AMP is all about. 

The Roadshows are designed to help developers build full-fledged AMP websites with confidence. So we deep-dive into the key four pillars: design, interactivity, DevOps and monetization, to make sure you have everything you need to excel. 

If you want to see where we will be going in 2020, head over to our AMP Roadshow page to find out. Can’t see your city on the list? Let us know, we’re always looking for new places to visit, or host your own event. We’ll provide you with all the material – all you need to do is to show up!

2020 vision 

It’s been a remarkable year. Thank you for your creativity and commitment to creating a faster, user-first web for all. We’re excited to see what’s next for AMP, and look forward to continuing our work together in the new year. To stay in the loop about all of AMP’s projects and see our 2020 vision, sign up for our newsletter. 

Posted by Alex Durán, AMP Project Marketing at Google