Correlation between Core Web Vitals and AMP


Editor’s Note: the excerpts below come from a post that was originally published by Sixing Chen, Data Scientist at Google, on the HTTP Archive Blog. They have been reproduced below with permission from the author to share with the broader AMP community. Please see the original blog post for more details. Introduction A recent analysis […] Read more

AMP implementation best practices and common pitfalls


Editor’s Note: the following guest post was written by Swetha Gopalakrishnan and Rich Hall, Web Ecosystem Consultants, Google This post is the second of a three part series addressing best practices around implementing AMP: How to measure the success of your AMP pages AMP implementation best practices and common pitfalls (this article) AMP monetization best […] Read more

Why We Chose Newspack + Native AMP for Cowgirl Magazine


Editor’s Note: the following guest post was written by Jaroslav Polakovic, Senior Engineer, Architect at XWP, and originally appeared on the XWP Blog When we first began working with Cowgirl Magazine, they already had a pretty fast site thanks to their full AMP compatibility. They were, however, using a proprietary AMP plugin. Because of this, […] Read more

Releasing a new C++ AMP Validator


The AMP Project is excited to release a new open source C++ AMP validator. AMP developers and platforms that link to AMP pages can now perform AMP validation in C++, which may provide a more seamless integration with their workflows, depending on the development languages they use. What is an AMP validator? A key strength […] Read more

AMP Advisory Committee 2020 election results

Community, Governance

In late August, we opened our call for nominations for the AMP Advisory Committee. We had several positions to fill due to end-of-term departures. We’d like to take this occasion to thank the members who are leaving for their contributions to the Advisory Committee: Ali Ghassemi, Brian Howard (interim member), Charles Vazac, David Merrell, Levi […] Read more

Google launches programmatic ads for Web Stories


Publishers and creators of all sizes are increasingly adopting Web Stories to create compelling, narrative experiences for users. A key ask from partners has been easy and effective monetization for the growing content format. Until now, the primary ways publishers have monetized their Web Stories has been direct sold ads and affiliate links. Google is […] Read more

AMP Packager is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace


AMP Packager is a tool to improve AMP URLs by serving AMP using Signed Exchanges. Since its launch in 2018, we’ve seen a number of websites using the tool to deploy Signed Exchanges. As part of our investment in ensuring publishers are making the best AMP content possible, we are continuously making improvements to increase […] Read more

No code required: Build a fast, world-class WordPress site


Editor’s Note: the following guest post was written by Dan Walmsley, Lead Architect for Jetpack, and originally appeared on the Jetpack blog. We spend more of our lives online than ever before. Whether you are building a business or expressing your creative side, you need a website that is fast, beautiful, and able to gracefully […] Read more

Create great page experiences with AMP


Earlier today, Google Search announced that page experience signals in ranking will roll out in May 2021. These signals put the focus on key user experience elements that all site developers should work to optimize.  AMP was created to enable development of user-first sites and is a cost-effective and simple solution for publishers to create […] Read more

Relive AMP Fest!

AMP Fest

Just over three weeks ago we held our first ever AMP Fest, where we gathered online as a community to share the latest and greatest in the world of AMP. From the launch of the new AMP Page Experience Guide, to exciting new client support for AMP For Email, AMP Fest was filled with amazing […] Read more