Looking back at five years of AMP


Update 6/26/2020: Since this blog post went live, AMP has officially graduated from the OpenJS Foundation Incubation Program. See the news here. This summer marks five years since the first line of code for AMP was written. The project has evolved, impacted by things like the dynamic nature of the web, changing user expectations, ideas […] Read more

AMP Camp: Cross-origin user state in AMP


tl;dr: This article will teach you how to track user actions between your domain and AMP Caches. Welcome to the latest in our series of posts about AMP Camp, our demo that shows how to create an interactive site with AMP! In this series, we’ll discuss the techniques and tools we used in creating it, […] Read more

AMP: a well-lit path to optimizing for Google’s page experience signal

Web Standards

Google Search recently announced a new Search ranking signal centered around page experience. We’re excited by the potential for Google’s page experience signal to guide and empower developers to build a better web. Because AMP was developed to help enable development of user-first sites,  we believe AMP is a cost-effective and simple solution for publishers […] Read more

Stripo + AMP Dynamic Email Boost Customer Engagement


Editor’s Note: The following guest post was written by Dmitry Kudrenko, CEO, Stripo Stripo offers businesses 350+ email marketing templates and a suite of email marketing design, editing, and management tools—for beginners and advanced users alike. We support many types of organizations and industries, from small businesses to large, multinational corporations, in 8 languages and […] Read more

AMP Camp: Using templates in the client and the server


Overview Welcome to the latest in our series of posts about AMP Camp, our demo that shows how to create an interactive site with AMP! In this series, we’ll discuss the techniques and tools we used in creating it, as well as best practices we developed. If you’re interested in creating an interactive site with […] Read more

Infinite recommendations with a new and improved amp-next-page


A key part of AMP’s mission is ensuring the “long-term success of every web publisher”.  To further that mission, we know just how important it is to help web publishers increase the reach of their content. Previously, we released <amp-next-page> as an experiment to help publishers turn an AMP page into a continuous scrolling experience […] Read more

AMP + Web Vitals – a better web, together

Web Standards

This week Google announced the Web Vitals initiative, a collection of guidelines highlighting what Google believes is essential to a good user experience on the web. Since the AMP Project’s goal has always been to ensure that the “web works better and faster for everyone, everywhere”, we wanted to share how AMP can help site owners […] Read more

Creating accessible sites with AMP


The open web is powerful due to its ability to give everyone access to the same information. This means the Web needs to be designed to work for all people regardless of their location, hardware preferences, language, or abilities. AMP invests in this work through the UI and Accessibility Working Group with the goal to […] Read more

Web Stories, powered by AMP


In the two years since the AMP project brought the story format to the web, we have seen many publishers adopt the format to tell compelling, visually-rich stories. From VICE’s story on the Isle of Dogs to Globo’s coverage of cars of the future, the rich, full screen, tappable story experience continues to resonate with […] Read more

Introducing the fastest and most user-friendly content encryption


Stuck between keeping content secure and providing a great user experience? The debate is over! We’re introducing a new type of premium experience! Client-side content encryption is a fast and user-friendly solution to protect and serve premium content. All while providing the same level of security as server-side validation! What’s the problem? A server-side paywall […] Read more